Married In A Loving Female Led Relationship

I married to my 24/7 slave husband and am FHOH (Female Head Of Household) living in a FLR. He is an Alpha male in

every¬†sense of the word, I wouldn’t want a doormat. He’s strong,
intelligent, successful and more, he is slave and submi

ssive to me and only me. He works hard in the vanilla world and works equally as hard as my slave. When he comes home after a lon

g day in the office, he immediately strips off his clothes and sees to my every need.

So many submissive males have this fantasy that there will be a 24/7 FemDom dressed in leather and thigh highs. As a Certified Life Coach, Relationship and Personal Development Coach, Certified Fitness Instructor, Health and Wellness Consultant and Nutrition Coach, I spend a lot of my time in the gym with clients, training them, and working out myself, so if anything, by the time he comes home from the office, I will likely be in the shower, or just have gotten out…far from leather clad and no desire to be. Fitness is important to me, mine as well as his. I expect him to stay in excellent shape, I love muscles, I like looking at his naked, fit body. I would not enjoy seeing a belly hanging down over his waistband. For that reason, he makes sure to get to the gym 3-4 days a week, lifting weights and keeping himself in top shape for me.

Our daily life includes his seeing to all of my needs. Prior to leaving for work, he gets to prepare everything that I need for my day. If I have a break in my day and feel like it, I’ll call him home from the office for my own sexual needs, and no…he doesn’t get to orgasm, just because I do. I’ll tell him what time I will be home, some days it’s early, other days I am not home until late. He is to have his chores done, laundry washed and folded, dinner prepared for me when I get home. He does not eat before me, unless I am going to be very late and he must ask permission and give me a good reason to allow him to eat first. Most times I am benevolent.

I expect him to tidy up at the end of each day, wiping counter tops clean, the stove off, etc.

Discipline is done as I deem necessary. If something needs to be addressed, I’ll call him into my powder room as I am stepping out of the shower and order him to dry me off. He’ll then remain on his knees as I brush my hair out, while I tell him that he could be doing it, if he wasn’t being punished. While he is kneeling there, I will have him pinching his own nipples, telling him to twist them and do it harder. I’ll double check their sensitivity to make sure he is really pinching hard and not faking it. Of course, I’ll laugh as I enjoy seeing his torment.

Spankings are done in cases of major infractions, I’ll have him go and pick out one of my shoes for a spanking and then will sit on my Goddess Throne (yes, I have a throne in our living room) and put him over my knees for a spanking. I recall the first time I told him to pick a shoe, he came back with one that he thought would cause the least amount of pain…he learned that day that it wasn’t so much about the type of shoe, but the person who was delivering the spanking.

Despite being married for 6 years, he still has minor infractions most days. He is far from perfect, but more perfect than most males I know. Besides, those minor infractions make for an entertaining form of discipline for me.

The best part of being in a FLR is that there is no “guessing games” that are played in vanilla relationships. As a woman, I don’t sit here saying “well, he should know what I want,” because I make no secrets of what I want, when I want it and in expressing my displeasure when he does not deliver. If I want him home at 6:48pm, he is home by then or he suffers the consequences. If I want dinner prepared and served by 7:13pm it is. If I want to go out on the town on a Friday night, he is told what time I want to leave and he arranges his schedule in order to be home, showered, dressed and ready to go when I want to leave. I tell him what I want to eat and when he goes grocery shopping, he knows what to put on his list.

Equally, he doesn’t have to pretend to be something he doesn’t want to be, he doesn’t have to hide his desire to serve and please. We can openly discuss our desires and fantasies which we can then turn into realities. The reason so many vanilla relationships fail is that women play this guessing game and men hide their desires for fear of rejection.

Lastly, but certainly the MOST important….his orgasms are mine to control. They are mine to give or to take away. He is in chastity 24/7, although he is not in a chastity device. Unauthorized touching is strictly forbidden and masturbation is never allowed. His penis is for my pleasure and unless given permission, he has learned to control himself, so “accidents” are far and few between. He knows that I would consider masturbation an extremely high offense, to the point of cheating on me!

I can’t imagine living any other way and if I could, I would live on an island somewhere that women rule and men serve. For the time being, our home is my island oasis called “Paradise.”



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  1. Achim Heintzelmann says:

    I’m Impressum how you make him control bis orgasms. How long did it Take him to internalize? Is he already perfect or can a man never be perfect?

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