Orgasm for her, yes! You? Not so fast

Orgasm for her, yes! You? Not so fast. Just one minute there!



Not so fast my dears, not so fast. As a woman who firmly believes in orgasm control, tease and denial and male chastity, I decide when he gets to cum or when he gets to hold back. I, of course, as the Goddess and the leader in this Female Led Relationship get to have an orgasm anytime I desire to do so. Of course, Richard is quite eager to provide whatever services that I desire.

How does tease and denial work for us? Many people think that Richard doesn’t get to make love to me. Oh, trust me, he does and I push him right to the edge over and over. I ride him hard and just when he’s on the edge, I push him out of me and then I’ll pull him back inside. He cries out and begs for mercy and I laugh at his distress. I know he wants to cum, he needs to, how long has it been? I don’t even know, it’s been several months. Wait…am I supposed to care? Yes, of course I do and of course I know how long it has been, but I know that it drives him crazy to hear me laugh at his distress and to whisper the words that I know will push him even further. He does not get to masturbate, he does not have my permission to do so. In fact, I feel so strongly that if he were to do so, I would consider that to be cheating. His orgasms are my property and mine to give or deny.

As I wrap my legs around him and pull him tighter into me, I pull his head to me lips and I whisper in his ear “Do you want to cum for me now?” Of course he will say yes, of course he will beg me, please Goddess. And I’ll repeat just a part of that line, “cum for me now?” He’ll pause for a split second and in that moment, he’ll wonder if I just gave him permission, or am I asking him a question.

What do you think? Should I let him cum now?

Nah…I think he can wait a little longer.

~Divinity Undenied

2 thoughts on “Orgasm for her, yes! You? Not so fast

  1. Divinity says:

    HAHA! Yes he gets to cum! He is not such a poor guy, he is quite the lucky man to have such a wicked Goddess who knows how to drive him crazy!

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