If there were a list of things that you wished to learn about in order to become a better submissive, a better servant for your Goddess, what would your top 10 be?

Some things that come to mind for me are the lack of Gentlemanly skills in our world. I see far too many men who allow a door to close in front of a woman. I see too many women opening their own car doors.

I see too many men who think of themselves as a stud, when they are far out of shape and how on earth can you even keep up with me? Get your ass to the gym, hire a trainer (I am a trainer) and get in shape. Be presentable. When the time comes that she wants to see your dick, make sure that YOU can see it first!

What’s your career like? Do you work behind the counter at McDonald’s or do you own several McDonald Franchisee locations? In other words, are you successful and can you treat her well and pamper her? Can you romance her? Do you know how??

This and more. So….what would you like to learn about women, about Dominant Women? Let’s see your list of 10 things.

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