Loving a Powerful Woman

There is no higher achievement for a man than to win the love of a powerful confident woman. I have been attracted to strong confident women for as long as I can remember. A woman’s most attractive and seductive quality can be her confidence. A woman who knows what she wants and is not shy about expressing it is the core of an FLR. A man who is confident enough to nurture that confidence and by extension, worship and serve her, leads to the most fulfilling and intimate relationship a man and woman can have. In our FLR, my first thought is serving her, pleasing her. This can be manifested by serving her sexually, for her own pleasure, without any expectation of reciprocation, the serving her the reward and pleasure in itself. The sound of her orgasm and knowing that I was the instrument of it, is more exciting than my own orgasm could ever be. It can also be doing the laundry, dishes, cooking her a nice dinner etc., the concept being to make her life easier and happier, secure in the knowledge that her man loves and worships her

~Richard Q Knight


One thought on “Loving a Powerful Woman

  1. Achim Heintzelmann says:

    Yes indeed. Like this I see the relationship with my Queen. All is said in this few lines! 100%!

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