Squeeze My Lemon

Squeeze My Lemon


Every day I have at least one vanilla woman say to me “does he have a brother” or “can you train my husband.” They don’t realize what they’re seeing and all they see is a caring, attentive, loving husband.

If only it were that easy to train all men to be what…..gentlemen?

Imagine that! A Gentleman! What happened to society that we do not have many Ladies and Gentlemen any longer? Did it go out of style? Not in my world!


I laugh only half joking when I say that my world is quite different from any woman I know, in our out of the D/s or FLR lifestyle. My FLR relationship is 24/7/365 with my darling @RichardQKnight. We’ve been in a Female Led Relationship since the beginning. He loves strong women, finds confidence to be sexy and of course it doesn’t hurt that he thinks I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m not saying that to boast, it just is. I wish he would see my flaws, I count on him to tell me when things are out of place, but he sees perfection. We are still working on this, even after 12 years. However, think about how lucky I am to have a man who loves me for who I am…. demanding, bossy, impatient, always raising the bar, woman who can also be at times the one who just needs to be held, wants to be pampered, told that everything is going to be ok. I want it all and he gives it to me.


Having a conversation once with a family member who has always kind of known who was in charge and she called it “domineering.” We had to explain to her the difference between a dominant woman and someone who is domineering. I’m not sure she got it, but oh well. We did hear later, that after she returned home, she was talking with a friend about men and she repeated my theory that all men stop maturing when they learn how to masturbate. They both agreed. So I did have some of a positive impact, right?


So why don’t men behave more like gentlemen? Because no one makes them do it! Ladies!!!! Raise the bar! Accept no less. Do not tell me that your man won’t do what you want him to do. You have to do the work of training. Yes, his momma should have taught him to be a gentleman and maybe she did, maybe she didn’t…that doesn’t matter. You must train your man in your ways. How you ask? Well….what drives a man? Think about what’s most important to your man. I believe there are 3 top things and yes, there’s more, but these are the top 3.


  1. Food
  2. Sex
  3. Sleep


The basic needs and there’s no certain order. You control those 3 things, especially the sex part and you control the man. I am not talking about withholding sex ladies, no…in fact, I want you to drive your man crazy with desire.


Want to learn more? I’m taking on just two private clients in 2018. Do you want your relationship to be filled with love, passion, adoration, by a man who can’t do enough for you and loves you more than anything in the world?


Oh and the “squeeze my lemon” title. Well, how nice is it to be in a nice restaurant, you’re wearing a beautiful dress and you order a meal that comes with a lemon. You don’t want to get lemon juice on your beautiful hands and you surely don’t want to chance juice squirting on your beautiful dress. You look over to your adoring husband, who is waiting to make sure that you have everything you need and you simply say “Squeeze My Lemon” and he does so, without hesitation.


Two private clients only for 2018! This could be a couple who is married and in a female led relationship and desires to learn more and enhance it. This could be a single guy who wants to learn how to be that man, the one that all women want or this could be the woman who wants to learn how to embrace her inner goddess and take her place as the lead in her relationship, molded to her desires.