What does pleasing and being in service mean to you?

Pleasing the Supreme Goddess can be quite easy, just learn her ways well enough that you can anticipate her needs, wants and desires. Do what she instructs and do it when she instructs you to do so, not when you “get around to it.” Some pep in your step might help, we’re not strolling around a park after all. Wh

If you want a Goddess, then you must worship her like one.

en the Goddess makes a request, she doesn’t need to hear how you’re going to do it, just make it happen and do not bother her with the details.

A good submissive/slave is also very in tune to what is going on in the life of his Goddess. I’ve heard a slave say that she just hasn’t been “into it” lately. Well, I wonder has he looked further to figure out what is going on in her life? Yes, we are a Goddess and yes, we are Dominant, first and foremost however, we are women, real, living, breathing, working, women who have real feelings and thoughts, just like everyone else. Maybe she’s in a funk because of what’s going on around her and a little extra pampering, doing something before she asks, going above and beyond your normal every day protocols, would help her get back to being herself.

What does “Pleasing the Goddess” mean to you? Whether you are serving a Goddess already, seeking to serve, or are a Goddess being served.

I look forward to seeing your comments!