Dirty Poems For My Goddess! On bookshelves now!!

Just in time for the holidays! “Dirty Poems For My Goddess” has arrived in the Kindle version. (Paperback coming soon).

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The Goddess’s nude body is a sight for sore eyes.
Makes my cock point straight at the skies.
I love to kiss her from stem to stern.
Stop at her ass and give my tongue a turn.
Fill my mouth with fireball and in it will go.
To give her ass worshiping with an inner glow
I know that the heat will double her pleasure
But I don’t know about using it on her furry treasure.
I know she likes a warm tongue on her clit, but it’s a little risky.
To lick her pussy using cinnamon whiskey.
Fireball is great ice cold, makes a good hot toddy
And to be used with great care on the Goddess’s¬†body.

©2017 Richard Knight