Dirty Poems For My Goddess

Smoking Goddess

©2018 RichardQKnight


The  Goddess looks natural ensconced on Her throne

A Queen in her element, the sexiest sight known

She snaps her fingers and her slave falls to his knees

He looks up and begs “may I worship you please?

The Goddess is adorned in a form fitting silk dress

Yes, you may slave, I would expect no less

The Goddess has no panties on which the slave finds so exciting

He is mesmerized by her magnificent Goddess pussy, the scent so inviting

Get your face in there slave till I say enough

I want to feel your tongue on my clit with my every puff

I’ll continue to smoke while you ardently worship my treasure

Your reverent tongue doubles my pleasure

A Goddess on her throne, a slave on his knees

She relaxes and smokes, his tongue aims to please


Dirty Poems For My Goddess, #DivinityUndenied #RichardQKnight #