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The Best Feeling In The Entire World


My wondrous pussy knows no equal
First I’ll take your cock, then your tongue as a sequel

When into my velvety smooth pussy you’re steel hard cock is sliding
Goddess this is the best feeling in the entire world you will be confiding

My pussy muscles are so tight I could simply not let you in
Or you could be balls deep and I could squeeze you back out again

I fuck you as I please and you try to keep pace
All the while you are transfixed by my beautiful face

Keep your eyes open, take in all the sensations
You are the luckiest man, in all the worlds nations

I see in your eyes, that your cock is ready to spew
But no orgasm, not even a ruined one for you

Your Goddess demands an orgasm, so take your place
I’m going to grind my pussy all over your face

Keep your tongue on my clit no matter how I am bucking
I get a great orgasm, you get a good face fucking

©2018 Richard Q Knight